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My name is Alex Herring and at 34 years old I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to my liver.  I'm not dead yet, and yes I do have a dark sense of humor, but while I fight to stay here a little longer, I'd like to help others along my way. 


Help Kentucky is my way to give back and raise awareness to the rising cases of youthful colon cancer. Our funding goes towards creating content and marketing to young Kentuckians, helping those who need assistance financing screenings, and investing in research that can save more lives.

My battle caused my brother to get checked and it saved his life so who knows, it could save yours too.


Our resources go to:

  • helping with the financial cost of screenings

  • creating marketing to create awareness and promote early screenings

  • research and development of new drugs and treatments

Together we can Help Kentucky. Please donate today. 


#helpkyasap #saveassinthebluegrass

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